Source: Public Ledger-September 29, 1862

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Page: 4


The undersigned manufacturers of MINERAL WATERS, and bottlers of PORTER, ALE, CIDER and LAGER BEER, respectfully beg leave to inform their patrons, that on account of the large advance in the prices of malt liquors, as well as of all materials used in the manufacture of MINERAL WATERS, they have been compelled to advance their prices form 70 to 75 cents a box, or 37 1/2 cents a dozen; to commence on the 1st of October.
   Eugene Roussel,
   John Andrews,
   Wm. Dubois,
   James Sloan,
   Thomas Campbell,
   Jno. O'Dea,
   M. Deever, (sic)
   A. Wagner & Son,
   D. Hoppel, (sic)
   T. J. Tholey, (sic)
   P. Heuser,
   C. Krug,
   Rob't Andrews,
   J. Watson,
   J. Youngblood,
   J. Gaslin, (sic)
   E. Duffy & Son,
   J. Lynn,
   Francis Hess,
   H. Reeder, (Germant'n),
   S. D. Harper, (Frankf'd)
   Rob't Riddle,
   G. S. Twitchell,
   Jno. O'Kane,
   Lewis & Scott,
   F. McKinney,
   A. Cummings, (sic)
   J. M. Kirscherman,
   Johnston & Co.,
   Graeber & Son,
   J. B. Welsher,
   F. Haeberle, (sic)
   J. Monteith,
   L. Bertram,
   W. Otto,
   S. R. Ervin,
   Doody Á Co.,
   M. & J. Duffy,
   J. McLaughlin,
   James Slevin,
   John R. Johnson, (Falls)
   Ed. Scott, (Holmesburg)