Source: Public Ledger-December 11, 1863

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Page: 4

Pointing FingerNOTICE--TO HOTEL AND TAVERN KEEPERS, RESTAURANTS, &c.--At a meeting of Bottlers, held on the 7th instant, it was unanimously resolved that owing to the continued advance in the price of malt liquors, wages, sugar, and all the materials used in the manufacture of mineral water, the price of PORTER, ALE, CIDER, LAGER BEER and MINERAL will be FORTY CENTS a dozen, without an allowance or deduction whatever, to go into effect on Monday, 14th inst.
   E. Roussel,
   E. Duffy & Son,
   J. Sloan,
   Johnston & Co.,
   S. Cummings,
   C. A. Dubois,
   W. Otto,
   C. Krug,
   J. O'Dea,
   M. P. Schiel,
   P. Heuser,
   D. Hepperle,
   Jno. Schmitt,
   Jno. M. Kirschermann,
   J. Garlein, (sic)
   J. G. Schoch,
   J. Lynn,
   R. Riddle,
   F. McKinney,
   G. S. Twitchell,
   W. Andrews,
   J. O'Kane,
   Youngblood & Co.,
   Jno. Andrews,
   Graeber & Son,
   J. B. Welsher,
   Lewis & Scott,
   L. Bertram,
   M. & J. Duffy,
   J. Monteith,
   A. Wagner,
   P. Divine,
   J. Watson,
   P. Duross,
   M. Dever.