Source: The Times-October 9, 1892

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Page: 7

Bergner & Engel Bottle 


TANNHAEUSER BBER is brewed from the finest pale Canada West barley malt and Saazer hops, and recommended for its tonic and nutritive qualities. Richly put up in attractive glass bottles for Family use. The high reputation enjoyed by the Berger & Engel Brewing Company is due to the fact that only the finest and best materials are used, and that the greatest skill and care are exercised during manufacture.






             The following  is a list of the Bottlers in Philadelphia who make a specialty of bottling the Beers of the Bergner & Engel Brewing Company, and to whom orders may be sent.
Barry, J. P., 407 South Second St.
Baxter, John S., 3735 Haverford Ave.
Biewer, Michael, 1509 North Twenty-seventh St.
Bishop, Charles L. W., 2201 Bouvier St.
Boehringer, Chas., 1826 North Twenty-fifth St.
Bolen & Byrne, 813 North Eleventh
Braeuninger, Mrs., 2220 North Fourth St.
Broadhurst, W., Clinton and Adams, Unionville
Broomall & Co., H. C., 540 Oxford St.
Brunett, Joseph, 1625 Fawn St.
Bucher, M., 940 North Thirteenth St.
Buehler, Louis, 2437 Philadelphia St.
Callahan & Co., W. A., 1529 Parrish St.
Campbell, John, Ninth and Buttonwood Sts.
Connolly, Mrs. J., 2455 Berks St.
Connor, P., 1419 Bainbridge St.
Cunningham, W. J., 518 Locust St.
Daeche, L., 2348 North Fifteenth St.
Deegler, Fred., 3424 North Eleventh St.
Dokenwadel, H., 2619 Brown St.
Doersam, F., 827 North Third St.
Donharl, Jos., 112 Fairmount Ave.
Dougherty, Jeff., 3142 Lewis St.
Ehrle, Fred., 2311 North Second St.
Engelke, Phillip, 151 Thompson St.
Essig, F., 538 Huntingdon St.
Flannagan, Thomas, 2013 Springett St.
Foedisch, J., 1820 Frankford Road.
Frank, G. W., 1408 South St.
Fritz & Son, F., 2020 North Front St.
Funkler, G., 2349 Jefferson St.
Gabriel, Jacob, 3047 Lawrence St.
Gallagher, J., 1823 Bainbridge St.
Gallagher & Co., J., 638 South Twentieth Sts.
Garland, Ed., 132 Union St.
Glanzmann, A., 207 Diamond St.
Glassmann, Mrs. F., 2042 Hancock St.
Graeter, Aug., 1633 Cabot St.
Grady, Ed., 1638 Cabot St.
Heileman, Jacob, 1012 Dakota St.
Heineman, L., 1516 Mascher St.
Hergenhahn, Joseph, 2753 North Fifth St.
Hertz, M., 29 Federal St., Camden, N. J.
Hess & Bro., William H., 2440 Mascher St.
Hetzel, A., 631 East Thompson St.
Hilleman, Louis, 412 Dillwyn St.
Huber, John, 421 Fairmount Ave.
Hughes, Patrick, 3281 Ridge Ave.
Hussong, H., 620 Birch St., Camden, N. J.
Jarrett, J. W., 631 North Twenty-first St.
Jockers, J., 803 Dickinson St.
Joly, Chas., 9 South Seventh St.
Kaufmann, C. W., 3038 Richmond St.
Kayser, A., 1105 Locust St.
Kline, M. L., Twenty-third and Columbia Ave.
Krumenacker, M., 1532 North Twenty-seventh St.
Linck, William, 1916 Oxford St.
Loechner, Mrs. H., 1900 Elizabeth St.
McCartney, William A., 4834 Ogle St. (Manayunk),
McGlone, John, 932 Poplar St.
McGough, James, 2107 East Norris St.
McKeever, H., 2641 Girard Ave.
Maass, Jr., Charles, 1320 North Fifth St.
Martin, H. A., Thirteenth and Wood Sts.
Miller, Chris., 16 E. Chelten Ave. (Germantown).
Miller, Ed., 1119 Melon St.
Motz, C. F., 20 Green St., Rising Sun.
Naylor, John, 3748 Turner St.
Nennich & Wiest, 155 Richmond St.
O'Mullen, B., 1812 South Front St.
Otto, G. W., agent, 224 Bainbridge St.
Otto, W. F., 936 Diamond St.
Pra, Charles, 1010 Sansom St.
Pleisch, Louis, 1003 Spring Garden St.
Quaker City Bottling Co., 706 South Eleventh St.
Reilly & Kochey, 2040 Fairmount Ave.
Reisser & Co., C. H., 32 South Fifth St.
Robinson, William, 2125 Lawrence St.
Roeschman, M., 916 St. John St.
Rauns, Thomas, 1503 South Nineteenth St.
Schoenhelter, Sr., J., Fifth and Moore Sts.
Schoenhelter, Jr., J., 1735 South Fifth St.
Schreiner, Jacob, 114 Jefferson St.
Schuetze, Fred, 460 Lehigh Ave.
Semish, Aug., 321 Belgrade St.
Shayhorn Bros., 2108 North Sixth St.
Siegel, Joe, 2231 North Tenth St.
Soder, R., 1604 Thompson St.
Sonneck, George, 1757 North Fourth St.
Southwark Bottling Co., 809 Federal St.
Specht, Louis, 1414 North Tenth St.
Spindler, Charles H., 2301 Turner St.
Stailey, Wm. G., 1434 North Twenty-fifth St.
Teraus, P. J., 112 Cotton St. (Manayunk).
Thompson, C. F., 148 South Water St.
Thum, C., 718 Callowhill St.
Trouts, S. H., 447 New Market St.
Wiecker & Bahm, 1944 North Twentieth St.
Wilson, James, 4158 Cresson St. (Manayunk).
Woods, J. J., 1703 Vine St.
York, John, 4101 Orchard St.
Young, J., 1824 South Eleventh St.
Zimmer & Joly, Gloucester, N. J.