Bottle Unlisted?

  So you cannot find your bottle listed.  I estimate there are 35,000 pre-crown bottles from North America and this site lists only a fraction, but an import group of these bottles.   This site lists all of the information that I have available on these bottles.   Go back and look at the attributes section of the site to get information on your bottle and use it to complete the "Date Your Bottle" function.  Asking me for more information will not yield any additional information.

I am always looking to receive corrections on listed bottles or missing information that fills in holes for bottles where the information is incomplete. 

Currently I am only accepting information on "unlisted" North American pre-crown top bottles in the following categories:
  • All pontiled bottles
  • All cobalt blue bottles
  • All primitive pottery bottles
  • All pony, soda, drug store, tenpin, torpedo, round bottom, Saratoga, porter, teepee, Saint Louis weiss beer, early export beer, lager, early ale, oyster cocktail, and root beer extract shaped bottles
  • All champagne beer bottles in colors other than aqua, amber, or clear
  • All Hutchinson bottles in colors other than aqua or clear
  • All bottles embossed "cream soda," Cronk, root beer, birch beer, white or weiss beer.
  • All bottler suppliers' bottles and salesmen sample bottles
  • All bottles with closures that are not documented on this site
  • All bottles with closures that did not achieve widespread popularity (Occur on less than 100 bottles)
  • All Codd bottles
  • All Matthews gravitating stopper bottles
  • All North American bottles from outside the United States and Canada
  • All bottles from Alaska, Arizona, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, Wyoming, Alberta, Manitoba, Newfoundland, Northwest Territories, Prince Edwards Island, Saskatchewan, and Yukon.
  • All Philadelphia bottles
Email me with your name and contact information, the embossing, shape, dimensions, lip style, closure, color and base type at  Attaching pictures can be helpful.

If you have what you consider a complete or nearly complete collection of some specific geographic area please contact me at the above email address and I can arrange a formatted way to exchange the information.

As always, I will answer all questions on all pre-crown Philadelphia soda and beer bottles and the bottlers and brewers that used them.