Map of Glass Works, Potteries and Glass Jobbers

This page allows you to view the locations of manufactures and jobbers or wholesalers who marked North American soda and beer bottles.  Pushing the appropriate button below will display all of the firms of that type.  Firms with unidentified marks will not be displayed on the map because their locations are not known.  Many of the manufactures are clustered around one location and their markers may overlap.  Zooming in will space them out so that they can be viewed individually.  Each type of firm has a different marker.  Moving your mouse pointer over a map marker will reveal the name of the firm and clicking on it will display the firms location and dates of operation as well as a link to a map displaying the locations of the firms who purchased bottles from them.  Don't forget to scroll the map to the right to view firms in the United Kingdom who marked North American bottles.