Manufacturer Notes: Owens Bottle Company


(Formerly The Owens Bottle Machine Co.)

Incorporated in Ohio, Dec. 13, 1907, as The Owens Bottle Machine Co., succeeding a New Jersey corporation of the same name. In 1912 absorbed The Owens West Virginia Bottle Co. and The Northwestern Ohio Bottle Co., the entire capital stocks of which were owned. On January 1, 1915, took over the business and works of The Owens Eastern Bottle Works, Clarksburg, W. Va.; in 1916 acquired the stock of The American Bottle Co., The Graham Glass Co. of Indiana, and 50 per cent, of the stock of Tbe Graham Glass Co. of Oklahoma. In 1918 took over the business and plant of The Whitney Glass Works, Glass boro, N. J., the capital stock of which had been previously owned. On May 1, 1919, name of the company changed from Owens Bottle Machine Co. to Owens Bottle Co. On November 1, 1919, acquired controlling interest in The Charles Boldt Glass Co. Plants are located at Toledo, O.; Fairmont, Clarksburg and Charleston, W. Va.; Greenfield, Ind.; Glassboro, N. J.; Newark, O.; Streator, Ill.; Evansville and Loogootee, Ind.; Okmulgee and Checotah, Okla.; Cincinnati, O., and Huntington, W. Va.

Is the largest manufacturer of bottles in the world; is also the manufacturer of the "Owens Automatic Bottle Making Machine" and the "Graham Automatic Bottle Making Machine," the patent rights of which it controls.

CAPITALIZATION: Authorized Outstanding

Preferred stock, 7% cum Par $100 $18,869,300 $ 9,587,500

Common stock Par 25 30,000,000 10,391,900

Preferred stock is cumulative, having preference as to assets, and subject to redemption on any dividend date on 90 days' notice at 115 and accrued dividends. Sinking fund of 3 per cent, of outstanding preferred stock began in 1916.

TRANSFER OFFICE, New York Trust Co. and Ohio Savings Bank 4 Trust Co., Toledo, O. REGISTRAR OF STOCK, Liberty National Bank, New York, and Northern National Bank, Toledo, O.

DIVIDENDS—The preferred stock has received its 7 per cent dividend regularly since 1907. Dividends on the common stock have been paid as follows: X907, x per cent; 1908, 4 per cent,; 1909, 6 per cent.; 1910, 8 per cent.; 1911, 10 per cent.; 1912, 12 per cent.; 1913, xa per cent, and 50 per cent, in stock; 1914, 12 per cent, and 33^ per cent, in 

OFFICERS—Edward D. Libbey, Chairman and President; William S. Walbridge, Vice-President; N. J. Owens, Vice-President and General Manager; John D. Biggers, Vice-President and Assistant General Manager; James C. Blair. Vice-President and Treasurer; William H. Boshart, Vice-President and Sales Manager; Frederick L. Geddes, Secretary. Address for all, Toledo, O.

DIRECTORS—E. D. Libbey, William S. Walbridge, Frederick L. Geddes, S. S. Sochrane, M. J. Owens, W. H. Boshart, J. D. Biggers, J. C. Blair, Toledo, O; M. W. Jack, Streator, III.; Joseph B. Graham, Evansville, Ind.; L. S. Stoehr, Chicago, III.; S. A. Whitney, Glassboro, N. J.

MAIN OFFICE 1401 Nicholas BIdg., Toledo, O. ANNUAL MEETING, second Wednesday in April. LISTED, New York, Cincinnati and Toledo Stock Exchanges. Range Of Market—New York Stock Exchange 

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