The purpose of this site is to provide useful information for collectors, researchers, and novices on North American hand-made glass and pottery soda and beer bottles.  It's not that we have anything against machine made bottles, it's just that the scope of these bottles is too great to include in this work.

Hand-made glass and pottery beer and soda bottles span over 150 years of use.  In North America, the earliest marked and documented bottles date to the late 1810s and some forms were used until about 1920.  In other parts of the world, marked beer and soda bottles were being used by 1802, and hand-blown bottles were used well into the Twentieth Century.  Unmarked examples were used before marked examples.  Machine-made glass bottles started to replace their hand-blown kin starting about 1905.  Hand thrown bottles continued to be made into the 1920s, even though molding was prevalent.

This site is packed with information and listings of 38,000 bottles with over 44,050 variants from over 18,700 firms, so step inside.

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