Find Bottles

This site will allow you to search for bottles that are listed in the database.  The database generally contains soda, beer and related bottles that are hand made and have closures that date prior to that of the crown top.  Only bottles from countries that make up North America are listed.  Some categories of bottles in the database are very complete and others are sparse.  Every known Codd bottle from the United States is listed, but very few siphon bottles can be found.  Periodically new bottles will be added and these gaps will slowly disappear.

There are five search methods available on this site.  The firm that used a bottle or a bottle's attributes can be used to find a bottle.  The firm that used the bottle may or may not have its name on it.  Looking up bottles by a firm name will get all of the bottles that were used by the firm and searching can be done by partial names, firm locations, and dates of operation.  Searching for bottles by their attributes will bring up all of the bottles that have similar characteristics.  These include colors, shapes, lip styles, manufactures and many others.  Searching with maps shows towns that have firms that used marked bottles.  Searching for bottles near you will show bottles close to a point on a map.  Bottles from firms whose location is not known can also be found using the maverick search.

The following searches are available on this site:

  1. By Firm Search by firm name, location, and years of operation
  2. By Attributes Search by color, shape, manufacturer, and dozens of other characteristics
  3. By Map Search for bottles by geography
  4. Near You Search for bottles from a point on a map.
  5. By Maverick Status Search for bottles from unknown locations

Click on the links above to find bottles recorded in the database.