Mavericks are bottles used by firms that are from an unknown location.  The term was coined by early western bottle collectors and is borrowed from Samuel Maverick, an early Texas settler, who refused to brand his cattle.  So like Samuel's unbranded cattle, bottles with no "branded" city or town are mavericks.

Collectors are always trying to determine where these maverick bottles are from.  These listings show the bottles from firms whose cities or towns unknown.  If you can identify where they are from, please contact me and I will update the database as to their location.  Facts are necessary to collaborate the firms location, but finding a bottle in an area is good evidence especially if many bottles are found.  Please email me if you can help at Sodas and Beers.

The following "maverick" lists are available:

  1. Pottery Bottles 
  2. Pontiled Bottles
  3. Glass Smooth Based Bottles

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