Bottle Attributes

Bottles have attributes or characteristics that are useful in identifying their age, the products that they contained and even what area of North America they originate.

Some attributes, such as imperfections in the glass, whittling and deformities can vary from bottle to bottle made at the same time for the same customer.  Others are consistent with a batch of bottles that was produced.  This second set of attributes are described on this site:

  1. Shapes - The general form of a bottle
  2. Lips - The shape of the top of a bottle
  3. Bases - The manufacturing markings on a base of a bottle
  4. Colors - The primary colors on a bottle
  5. Lettering - The lettering type on a bottle
  6. Closures - The items or devices used to seal a bottle
  7. Manufacturers - The makers of a bottle

Click on the links above to get more information on an attribute or to identify a bottle that you are researching.

James Connor Bottle