Manufacturer Notes: John Stoeckert

Potter's Clay.

The Cretaceous also supplies, near the same place, but from a higher stratum, a good potter's clay, which is largely employed at New Ulm and at Mankato. It is owned by Silas Barnard. Mr. H. B. Kauffer, potter at Mankato, regards it as equal to the Carboniferous potter's clay of Ohio. The manufactures at New Ulm are Winckelmann and Dauffenbach, and John Stoeckert. The pottery sells fro twelve and fifteen cents per gallon. (see p. 186.)

Annual report of the Board of Regents of the University of Minnesota to the Governor of  Minnesota for the Fiscal Year Ending November 30, 1873 (Saint Paul, St. Paul Press Company, 1874)


  Earthenware and stoneware, which are the only pottery products of the State, are made 
from local clays. 
  The stoneware factories at Red Wing are quite extensive. The following are the 
Minnesota pottery producers: Red Wing Pottery Works, Red Wing; Red Wing Stoneware Company, 
Red Wing; Union Stoneware company, Red Wing; Mr. Stoeckert, New Ulm.

Report of the Secretary of the Interior (Washington, Government Printing Office, 1896). 

John Stoeckert began the pottery business in 1867 with with two partners. In 1870 he established alone.

Bryant, Charles S.; History of the Minnesota Valley (Minneapolis, North Star Publishing Company, 1882).

991 953 John Stackhust        31 M Potter 100 Bavaria
                Catharine    "           33 F                     Bavaria
                Amilia          "             4 F                     Wisconsin
                Edward       "             2 M                     Wisconsin
                Henry           "     10/12 M                    Wisconsin
                Wymar Reming      36 M Potter   20 Nassau
                Mary            "           34 F                     France
               John Reming        7/12 M                    Wisconsin
               William Genter        63 M Potter         Nassau

1860 Wisconsin Milwaukee Ward 7 Census

81 John Stoechert    46 M W Germany
      Catharine "          47 F W Germany
      Eddy         "          17 M W Wisc.
      Willie        "          12 M W Wisc.
      Charles    "            9 M W Wisc.
      Fred         "            7 M W Minn.

1875 Minnesota Brown County New Ulm Census 

81 John Stoechert            66 M W Germany      Potter 
      Catharine Stoechert   67 F W Germany      House Keeper
      Edward Stoechert      37 M W Wisconsin    Brick Moulder
      Wm Stoechert            32 M W Wisconsin    Brick Moulder
      Fred Stoechert           26 M W Wisconsin    Brick Moulder
      Chas Stoechert          29 M W Wisconsin    Potter

1895 Minnesota Brown County New Ulm Census 

185 200 Stoeckert, John       Head    71 W M 
                  ---- Edward            Son      43 W M Brickmaker 
               Stoeckert, William   Son      37 W M Brickmaker
                 ---- Charles             Son      34 W M Brickmaker
                 ---- Fred                  Son      31 W M Brickmaker

1900 Minnesota Brown County New Ulm Census

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