Manufacturer Notes: Belleville Glass Company

Mallinckrodt Chem. Works v Belleville Glass Co.

The amended bill in this case alleges the organization of the Belleville Glass Company under the laws of Illinois;  that the capital stock of said company is $25,000, divided into 250 shares of $100 each; that in the February term,  1886, of St. Clair County Circuit Court, one John Lorenzen for $1,157 and costs of suit, upon, upon which execution  was issued to the sheriff of St. Clair county, and that after demand thereon the Glass company allowed the same to  remain unpaid for the space of more than ten days; and that said Glass company had ceased doing business and  become insolvent. 

A receiver was appointed for the Glass company, and he reported December 3, 1888, that no assets of the Glass  company had come into his hands, and they had no assets, excepting amounts due from stockholders. At September term, 1887, of the Circuit Court, the cause was heard and a decree was entered finding the existence and insolvency of the Glass company;

The stock was issued by the company to Eberle as paid up stock under a resolution of the board of directors passed April 22, 1882....

Smith, Edwin Burritt;  Reports of Cases Decided in the Appellate Courts of the State of Illinois Volume XXXIV (Chicago, Callaghan & Co., 1891).

The Belleville Glass works were formally opened last week. They employ from seventy five to eighty hands, use 250 to 350 bushels of coal daily, and are just now running on fruit jars, beer bottles, etc., with a daily output of about 100 gross.

The Morning Review, Decatur, Illinois September 14, 1882

The Belleville glass-works will put in a second five pot furnace, which will necessitate the employment of forty or fifty additional men.

The Morning Review, Decatur, Illinois November 13, 1882

There are 98 men and boys employed at the Belleville Glass Works, and the daily product is 14,400 beer bottles. The weekly pay roll amounts to $1,600.

Edwardsville Intelligencer, Edwardsville, Illinois April 17, 1889

The Belleville Glass Company, established in 1882, was brought by Adolphus Busch president of the Anheuser-Busch Company, in St, Louis, in 1886. He modernized the plant in every respect, employed 258 men regularly, and by 1900 had more than a $7,000 weekly pay roll and a plant output of more than 200 gross glass bottles per day. They manufactured both green and amber colored blass (sic) bottles beer, mineral water, soda water, wine and bitters. It was the largest establishment of its kind south of Springfield. In 1920 it was absorbed by the Glass Trust of Newark, Ohio.

Nebelsick, Alvin Louis;  History of Belleville (Belleville, 1951).

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