Manufacturer Notes: Govancroft Potteries

13 Govancroft Pottery c.1911-1976

The stoneware pottery industry has changed completely since 1912 when the Govancroft Potteries were founded.

Oakley, Charles Allen;  Scottish Industry: An Account of what Scotland Makes and where She Makes it (Edinburgh, Scottish Council, 1953).

Most of the other stoneware potteries in Scotland belonged to the Federated Potteries, a group which had banded together for various reasons, one of which seemed to be the fixing of prices. The demand for jam jars was so low that the Federated Potteries had been forced to come to an arrangement with Govancroft Pottery to price at cost. Govancroft seems to have had the lionís share of the jam jar trade.

Kelly, Henry E.; "Possil Pottery, Tennent, and Glasgow Trading & Transport Ltd." (Scottish Pottery Historical Review No. 17, 1995).

        Head Office, 53 Clydesmill Rd,Cambuslang.......041-641 7791
        1855 London Road G32........................................041-778 1625

British TELCOM Scotland;  British Telcom Scotland Telephone Directory Section 275 Glasgow Area August 1982 (London, British Telecommunications Headquarters, 1982).

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