Manufacturer Notes: Munderloh & Company

* * (ESTABLISHED IN 1861) * *
German and Belgian Goods
Commission Merchants and Forwarders.
61 St, Sulpice St., MONTREAL.

  The late Wilhelm Christian Munderloh, founder of this well known House was born in Elsfleth, Grand Duchy of Oldenberg, Germany, on the 9th of September, 1831.
In 1857, he left his native Germany for Canada. After three years engagement in a wholesale dry goods house, in Montreal, he revisited Germany ; but shortly returned to Montreal, where in 1861, he commenced business in the same line on his own account.
  Having realized the want of direct communications between Canada and Continental Europe, one of his first acts, after his appointment as Consul for the German Empire, in 1871, was to show the German Government and certain steamship owners the advisability of establishing direct steam communications between Canada and Europe.
  There is a general expressed hope that Henry Munderloh, son of the founder of Munderloh & Co., being the natural successor to the shipping business of the house, and having a thorough knowledge of consular affairs, joined with a good share of his father's ability, urbanity and experience, and having passed some time in Germany, to improve his acquaintance with German laws, language and customs, will be appointed to the office which was vacated by his father's sudden death.
  It is understood that, the late Mr. Munderloh's other able and courteous assistants. Messrs. Charles Byrd and Eugene Von Rappard, will be associated with Mr. Henry Munderloh, in the house of Munderloh & Co.
The firm are doubtless the principle suppliers of German and Belgian goods, to wholesale houses, throughout Canada.
  They represent many leading manufacturers, in Europe: among others, the principle glass-makers, in Belgium, and German manufacturers of dry goods, novelties, and staple of all kinds, as will as a number of the chief manufacturers in France.

Terrill, Frederick William;  A Chronology of Montreal and of Canada: From A. D. 1752 to A. D. 1893 (Montreal, John Lovell & Son, 1893).

Name of Line                From Montreal to          Agents at Montreal

"White Cross Line,"....  Antwerp........................... Messrs. Munderloh & Co.

Patterson, Wm. J.;  Statements Relating to the Home and Foreign Trade of the Dominion of Canada (Montreal, D. Bentley, 1883).

In 1873, Munderloh & Company are a firm of trader-commission agents specialized in the importation of German, French and Belgian products. It is located street Saint-Sulpice recently, very close to the Stores of the Hospital. The company is also the principal agent in Canada for the company of steamers Hansa. 

Founded in 1861 by W. C. Munderloh, the company is initially located street Saint-Paul, just beside the public garden of the Customs (current Royale place). In 1865, it adopts the name of Munderloh & Steencken for a very short period; the founder becomes again indeed the principal owner of the company from the very start of the years 1870. In 1866, the businessman is named consul of Germany in Canada. 

The prestigious nomination of Munderloh benefits its commercial activities. About 1885, Munderloh & Company become the official agent of White Cross Steamship Line, company of transport connecting Montreal in Antwerp during the summer and this Belgian city with several large ports of the Atlantic lasting the winter. In 1893, with died of its founder, the company is taken again by Henry Munderloh, Charles Byrd and Eugene Von Rappard. It remains street Saint-Sulpice until the end of 1900 for then moving with the Victoria public garden. She remains there at least until the beginning of the years 1930. Munderloh & Company die out about 1957, nearly 100 years after its foundation. (translated from French to English)

461, rue Saint-Sulpice Montreal Tennets: Munderloh & Co. Importers and traders commissioners) (1871-1907)

John Donegani built this warehouse store in 1866-1867, on a site which he had purchased during the previous year. In 1868, the new building remains vacant. In 1869, and for just one year, the auctioneer John O. Brown Brown settles there, the following year, the site has been vacant again. In 1871, a company that specializes in importing goods German, French and Belgian Munderloh & Co., moved into the building for three decades. The founder of the company, WC Munderloh, acts as a consul of Germany and the consular office can also be found in the building. John Donegani died in 1868, but his heirs appear to have retained ownership of the building until the mid-1920's. 

In the early twentieth century, the building remains characterized by wholesale trade, and more particularly by the dry goods sectors (fabrics, haberdashery items and perhaps other products) and footwear. Then, between 1918 and 1955 about the presence of the company Auer Light Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Mark a shift towards manufacturing activities, which together with the wholesale and storage. (translated from French to English)

Paper Dealers - Montreal- Munderloh & Co., Ltd., 57 Victoria sq.

Dyer, Harry, Wolert, Sophie M.Lockwood's Directory of Paper and Allied Trades (New York, Vance Publishing Corporation, 1918).

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