Manufacturer Notes: Dauffenbach, Stoeckert & Co.

Fire Clay.

From the cretaceous, near New Ulm, Mr. Christian Dauffenbach manufactures a good fire brick. The bank from which he takes the clay is fifteen feet above the river. It is of light color, and when wet is plastic, but if dry it is hard and difficult to quarry, the use of powder becoming necessary. Horse power is used for his machinery. He has three kilns.

Potter's Clay.

The Cretaceous also supplies, near the same place, but from a higher stratum, a good potter's clay, which is largely employed at New Ulm and at Mankato. It is owned by Silas Barnard. Mr. H. B. Kauffer, potter at Mankato, regards it as equal to the Carboniferous potter's clay of Ohio. The manufactures at New Ulm are Winckelmann and Dauffenbach, and John Stoeckert. The pottery sells fro twelve and fifteen cents per gallon. (see p. 186.)

Annual report of the Board of Regents of the University of Minnesota to the Governor of Minnesota for the Fiscal Year Ending November 30, 1873 (Saint Paul, St. Paul Press Company, 1874)

New Ulm was the site of still another productive stoneware plant in 1870. As might be expected, it was operated by three German Settlers, Christian Dauffenbach, John Steckert, and Franklin Friedmann. The manuscript schedules of the Brown County Census for 1870 reveal that their capital came to thirty-three hundred dollars and that they paid seven hundred in wages to three employees. Among the materials used during the year 1869-70 were a hundred tons of clay and a hundred and eighty cords of wood. The plant produced twenty-eight thousand gallons of stoneware valued at $3450.

Blegen, Theodore Christian , Heilbron, Bertha Lion; Minnesota History Bulletin (St. Paul, Minnesota Historical Society, 1915).

John Stoeckert began the pottery business in 1867 with with two partners. In 1870 he established alone.

Bryant, Charles S.; History of the Minnesota Valley (Minneapolis, North Star Publishing Company, 1882)


Josephine Friedmann was born in Elkhart County, Indiana on May 27, 1859, a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Frank Friedmann. At the close of the Civil War the Friedmann family moved to Cedar Falls, Ia., and in 1866 Mr. and Mrs. Friedmann, their two daughters Josephine and Carrie and a son Alvin, and Mr. and Mrs. Dauffenbach, also of Cedar Falls, came to New Ulm, making the trip in covered wagon in two weeks of steady rain. Mr. Friedmann, Mr. Dauffenbach and Mr. Stoeckert operated a pottery factory in New Ulm, and later on Mr. Friedmann, John Neumann and Mr. Baltrusch conducted a general store.

New Ulm Review Journal - February 3, 1938

735 637 Frederick Herman         41 M Potter 8000 600
               Barbara        "                 30 F
               Ulrich Cordin                  22 M Potter
               Christian Dauffenbach  18 M Potter

1860 Wisconsin Milwaukee Ward 7 Census

114 114 Frank Friedman       27 M Potter 100 France
               Cleora                       18 F Canada
               Josephina                   1 F

1860 Indiana Elkhart County Olive Census Goshen P.O.

Christian Dauffenbach 
     Enlisted as a Corporal on 21 August 1862.
     Enlisted in Company A, 26th Infantry Regiment Wisconsin on 21 Aug 1862.
     Mustered Out Company A, 26th Infantry Regiment Wisconsin on 13 Jun 1865.

Franklin Friedman Elkhart County, Indiana 24 Sep 1861 Indiana Union 

John Stoeckert 44th Regiment, Illinois Infantry Union Illinois

Civil War Records

206 232 Steckert, John                  41 M W Potter                900 280    Bavaria
                 -- Catharine                     43 F W Keeping house                   Bavaria
                 -- Amelia                         14 F W at home                                Wisconsin
                 -- Edward                        12 M W                                              Wisconsin
                 -- William                           8 M W                                              Wisconsin
                 -- Charles                          4 M W                                               Wisconsin
                 -- Henry                             1 M W                                               Minnesota
207 233 Dauffenbach, Christian   28 M W Potter                 900 280   Prussia
                 -- Caroline                       27 F W keeping house                    Waldeck
                 -- Pauline                          1 F W                                                Minnesota
208 234 Friedman, Franklin          33 M W Potter                  900 280  France
                 -- Flora                            29 F W keeping house                    Canada
                 -- Josephina                   10 F W                                               Indiana
                 -- Erwin                             8 M W                                               Indiana
                 -- Caroline                        4 F W                                                Iowa

1870 Minnesota Brown County New Ulm Census

65 68 Winklemann, W.    44 M W Farmer & Brick Manufacturer   6000 3700
           -- Caroline              28 F W Keeping house
           -- William                11 M W
           -- Leonora                 9 F W
           -- Albert                     7 M W
           -- Henry                     5 M W
           -- Ida                         3 F W

1870 Minnesota Brown County Cottonwood Census

39 Christ Dauffenbach       33 M W Germany
      Lina        "                       32 F W Germany
      Paula     "                          6 F W Minn.
      Augusta                            4 F W Minn. 

135 Frank Friedmann         42 M W Germany
       Clara          "                   34 F W Canada
       Josephine "                   16 F W Indiana
       Alvin           "                   14 M W Indiana
       Carry         "                      9 F W Iowa
       Frank        "                      2 M W Minn
       Bertha Haag                  19 F W Germany

295 Wm Winkelmann           46 M W Germany
Caroline Winkelmann           33 F W Germany

1875 Minnesota Brown County New Ulm Census

289 431 Dauffenbach Christian    W M 38 works in pottery
                    -- Carolina                    W F 37 Keeping House
                    -- Pauline                      W F 11 at Public School
                    -- Augusta                     W F   9 at Public school
              Rachel, Robert                  W M 25 works in pottery
                    -- Helen                         W F 34 Keeping House 

1880 Wisconsin Milwaukee District 124

157 181 Friedmann, Frank      47 M W Huckster France
                   -- Cliora                   38 F W keeping house Canada
                   -- Josephina           21 F W At home Indiana
                   -- Alvin                     19 M W At home Indiana
                   -- Caroline               14 F W At home Iowa
                   -- Frank                      6 M W
                   -- Harriett                    4 F W

1880 Minnesota Brown New Ulm District 21 Census

Christian Dauffenbach, potter, 306 5th

1890 Milwaukee Directory

306 108 161 Dauffenbach Christian     W M 58 Germany Engineer
                            ----- Lona                       W F 57 Germany

1900 Wisconsin Milwaukee Milwaukee Ward 2 District 17 Census

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