Manufacturer Notes: William Geiger

WILLIAM GEIGER, late of Mahonoy City, was the first florist there, founding the establishment continued 
until recently by his family, and was a substantial business man of the thrifty type well recognized in our 
citizens of German origin. He was a native of the Fatherland, where he was reared and educated, coming to 
America when seventeen years old. After a short residence in Philadelphia, Pa., he came to Schuylkill 
county, Pa., for several years living at Schuylkill Haven, where he had a pottery, building up a profitable 
business in that line. In 1870 he settled at Mahonoy City, Schuylkill county, where he also followed the 
manufacture of pottery, and in time he started the nursery business, continuing both lines successfully 
until his death, which occurred in 1900. He was the pioneer nurseryman and florist in the borough, and by 
good management developed a thriving trade, taking his place among the prosperous business men of the 
community. After his death his widow ran the business until she passed away, and she was succeeded by her 
daughter, Miss Augusta Geiger, the other daughter, Clara, assisting her. Miss Geiger gave up the business 
in 1914, after a period of excellent management which indicated that she had inherited the ability of her 
parents, for the trade flourished as usual while in her hands. 

Beers, J. H., & Co.; Schuylkill County Pennsylvania Genealogy -- Family History -- Biography (Chicago, J. H. Beers & Company, 1916).

70 71 Henry Miller         30 M W    Cooper       2800       Penna
           Sarah Do            25 F W
           Oladiah                 5 M W
           Edwin                    3 M W
           Yeyanna           6/12 M W
           William Geiger   30 M W   Potter                          Württemberg 
           Michael Miller     80 M W   None                           Penna
           Mary Do              70 M W
           Henry Schnell     13 M W

1850 Pennsylvania Berks Longswamp Census

1080 1080 E Haurner       37 M W Potter     30     Württemberg

1081 1081 Wm Geiger    30 M W Potter      50     Württemberg
                    Frederick       24 M W Potter                Württemberg
                    Clara                7  F W                            Württemberg
                    William             5 M W                            Württemberg
                   John                  2 M W                            Württemberg
                   Caroline      9/12 F W                             Penna

1860 Pennsylvania, Schuylkill, Schuylkill Haven

224 224 Geiger William       40 M W Potter                   1000 500 Württemberg
                -- Hannah               34 F W Keeping house                      Württemberg
                -- Clara                   17 F W                                                 Pa
                 -- William               16 M W                                                Pa
                 -- John                   13 M W                                                 Pa
                 -- Augustus           10 M W                                                 Pa
                 -- Frank                    8 M W                                                Pa

1870 Pennsylvania, Schuylkill, Mahonoy City

195 197 Geiger William     50 M W Potter                  Württemberg
                -- Hannah             44 F W Keeping house   Württemberg
                -- John C.             22  M W Potter                 Pa
                -- Augustine         21 M W at home               Pa
                -- Frank                19 M W                              Pa
               Shifferd Eugene     9 M W Servant               Pa

1880 Pennsylvania, Schuylkill, Mahonoy City

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