Manufacturer Notes: Bottlers & Manufacturers Supply Company

PEERLESS GLASS CO., Long Island City, N. Y., 1920-1935; was

An indication that all was not well may have appeared in 1932, when only Ohmeis and Ludorff were the 
officers named. That year, later, the factory was purchased by Thatcher to become their Long Island city 
milk-bottle plant.

Toulouse, Julian Harrison; Bottle Makers And Their Marks (New York, Thomas Nelson, Inc., 1971).

Between Webster and Washington Avenues, Long Island City.
   Secretary's Order No. 20224.-- Crib-bulkhead was erected by the Bottlers and Manufacturers' Supply Company under permits.  Begun August 13 and finished September 21, 1900.

Thirteenth Annual Report Department of Docks and Ferries For the Year Ending December 31, 1900 (New York, Martin B. Brown Co., 1901).

Tax on Organization of Corporations--Continued.

Bottlers and Manufactures' Supply Co............ 125 00

Jaeckel, John P.; Annual Report of the State Treasurer for the Fiscal Year Ending September 30, 1900  (Albany, James B. Lyon, 1901).

                                                                           1905               1906               1907
                                                                     High      Low    High    Low       High      Low
Bottlers' & Manufactures' Collecting
   & Distributing.................................            ..            ..         26        26          ..            ..
Bottlers' & Manufactures' Supply....           84          84       551/2   551/2    ..            ..

The Manual of Statistics Stock Exchange Hand-Book 1908 (New York, Manual Statistics Co., 1908).

Buys Long Island Waterfront.

  At the Vesey Street auction room yesterday Joseph P. Day sold to the Bottlers and Manufactures' Supply Company for $41,000 the plot fronting 12 feet on Vernon Avenue, Long Island city, running back about 600 feet to the East River, with frontage of 85 feet on the river.

New York Times (New York City) May 4, 1910

New Factory for Long Island City.

  The Bottlers and manufacturers' Supply Company has leased from James D. Trask for a term of Twenty-one years a plot of six lots, 150 by 100, on the north side of Webster Avenue, west of Vernon avenue, Long Island City. The plot will be improved at once with a large factory. Platt & Albert, in conjunction with M. C. Baringer, were the brokers.

New York Times (New York City) August 3, 1912

Bottlers' and Manufacturers' Supply Co, NY City

The Bulletin of the State Industrial commission Department of Labor 1915-1916

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