Manufacturer Notes: Tyler & Company

Troy Pottery and Sewer Pipe Company, Carpenter & Ball, stone-ware manufacturers and wholesale dealers in Rockingham, white, and yellow wares, sewer pipe, drain tile, chimney tops, terra cotta and ornamental tiles, No. 102 Ferry Street. The company was formed by Ira H. Carpenter and C. H. Ball, September 1, 1885. On the site of the establishment, John Gifford began manufacturing stone and earthen ware about 1804. Subsequently he and Josiah Chapman, two prominent Friends, became associated in business. They resided in the house adjoining the pottery, and in his building, previous to the use of the meeting-house, on the southwest corner of Fourth and States streets, in 1806, the Friends sometimes held their meetings. On the dissolution of the partnership, Josiah Chapman continued in the business until he was succeeded by Israel Seymour. His successors were Walter J. Seymour, 1852; Thompson & Tyler, (William Thompson and Isaac Tyler,) 1858; Tyler & Co., (Isaac Tyler and Frederick Wetmore), 1859; William J. Seymour, 1861; Carpenter & Ball, 1885.

Weise, Arthur James; The City of Troy and Its Vicinity (Troy, Edward Green, 1886)

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