Manufacturer Notes: Lovatt & Lovatt

Lovatt & Lovatt 1895-1930

The pottery was established in 1865 by James Calvert, who was a chemist and druggist in Belper, Derbyshire.

Initial wares from the pottery were salt-glazed ink pots, ginger-beer bottles, polish pots, pitchers, hot-water bottles, etc. By about 1880 James Calvertís son, William Henry, was in partnership with his father and the pottery was known as J. Calvert & Son.

In 1883 the Lovatt brothers, Albert & John, entered into partnership with the Calverts and the pottery traded as Calvert & Lovatt. During this period very fine Victorian art ware was produced, as well as the usual domestic wares.

On the departure of the Calvert family in 1895, the pottery became known as Lovatt & Lovatt and continued to produce art ware, domestic ware, and industrial stoneware until 1930, when the company went into voluntary liquidation.

The period from the turn of the 19th century to the end of World War I (1914-1918) was a period of unparalleled prosperity, innovation and expansion for the Langley Mill Pottery, with the proprietors becoming increasingly affluent and influential. In 1913, following Albert Lovattís death, the pottery was converted into a private limited company, Lovatt & Lovatt Ltd. with John Lovatt and Bert Lovatt (Albertís second son) as joint Chairman and Managing Director. Reginald, (Albertís third son) also joined the management of the company around this time. Unfortunately, after 1918, the post-war depression began to seriously affect the profitability of the pottery, a situation not helped by a period of apparently weak management.

By 1923, the profitability of the pottery had declined significantly further, with the Directors being forced to take large cuts in their salaries. Finally, following the death of John Lovatt the previous year, the company went into voluntary liquidation on 18 July 1930. This ended the involvement of the Lovatt family in the affairs of the Langley Mill Pottery, although the Lovatt name did continue to be used by successive owners of the business


Lovatt & Lovatt, stoneware manufacturers, 78 Station road

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