Manufacturer Notes: Newburgh Glass Company


1866 Brooklyn Burrows William, glassmanf. Smith n. Church
1866 Brooklyn Burrows William, glass, Smith c. Centre, h 9th c. Smith
1866 Brooklyn Haggerty, Gardiner & Burrows, glass manuf. h Smith c. Centre

1871-72 Newburgh Newburgh Glass Works, Burrows, Regan & Roche, Propr's New Windsor (ad)
1872 Orange County Burrows William F. Glass Works, New Windsor, P O Newburgh City

                  GLASS MANUFACTURERS.
        Burrows William F. New Windsor, P O New Windsor
        Pountney, Brox & Co. on the South Side of Del. & Hudson Canal, Port Jervis

1873 New York Burrows, Regan & Roche, glass, 52 Vesey
1873 New York Burrows, W. F. glass, 52 Vesey, h Newburgh

1879 New York Burrows William, glass, h 957 Lafayette av


52,917 February 27, 1866 Improvement In The Manufacture of Glass Richard Washburn, Monsey, New York

  --As Jager's Cornwall stage was leaving Newburgh on Saturday evening, Mr. Burrows, of New Windsor, and connected with the glass works of that place attempted to enter the stage to ride home. The driver seeing he was intoxicated, requested him to foot it, as the stage was full of ladies, and his orders were to let no intoxicated persons ride.
   Burrows started for home on foot, and, as the stage was delayed, arrived at New Windsor about the same time as Burrows. When the driver got off to walk up the hill, Burrows struck him in the face and knocked him down, and as he got up he was knocked down a second time. The ladies in the stage were very much frightened, and the mail was delayed for some time. Burrows, sober, wants to compromise.

The Cold Spring Recorder (Cold Springs, New York) June 21, 1873

The new Honesdale Glass Manufacturing Company has been organized by the election of the following officers: 
President, C. Dorfinger; Vice-President. W. W. Weston; Secretary, C. S. Minor, Treasurer, S. A. Terrell. 
Buildings are being put in proper order under the direction of Superintendent Wm. Burroughs, formerly of the Newburgh glass works, and everything will be ready for manufacturing glass before the cold weather commences.

The Pittsburgh Commercial (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) September 6, 1873


Manufacturers of Green Glassware, McLean Street and Railroad. 

The manufacture of glass ware is one of the oddest of industries and one of the few in which the methods of modern manufacturers are practically the same as those of its earlier followers. Binghamton is the seat of an important manufactory of glass ware which is known as the Binghamton Glass Works and of which Mr. William Burrows is the sole proprietor. These works were erected about fourteen years ago, and are located in the western section of the city, adjoining the two main trunk lines of railroad, with which they are connected by side tracks, thus affording every facility for the receipt of raw materials and the shipment of the finished products without rehandling. The plant covers about two acres upon which are erected two furnaces, each having a capacity of five tons daily. Besides these are other minor buildings, warehouses, etc., and the whole is equipped with all the latest improved tools and appliances known to the trade, including a 40-horse power steam engine. The products are what are known to the trade as green glassware and consist of vials, bottles and flasks of all sizes and shapes, chiefly manufactured to order for use by manufacturers and bottlers of proprietary articles medicines, condiments, beverages, etc. and includes also bottles for all commercial purposes. The number of bottles produced so varies according to the sizes made that the total produced daily is not attainable. Sufficient to say that when both furnaces are in operation about ten tons of glassware are produced daily and as the production is almost wholly the result of hand-labor a force of no less than 300 men and boys are given employment. As these are largely highly skilled workmen, it is evident that the operation of these works is an important feature of the industrial thrift of this city. The products of the house are taken by the trade throughout the United States generally east of the Mississippi and their high character is well understood and appreciated by the trade. Mr. Burrows is a native of England where he learned the business and is a practical glassware manufacturer. He also conducts another similar enterprise at Stroudsburg, Penn., where he makes his headquarters. With unrivalled conveniences for shipping, an established excellence of product and a liberal and fair dealing business policy it is but just to say that as conducing to the advancement of the material prosperity of this city by the employment of many skilled workmen, the Binghamton Glass Works is performing a beneficent work while in the pursuit of legitimate profits and may be regarded as a representative concern fully worth the pronounced success it has attained.

Board of trade review of Binghamton, N.Y. 1892 

Newburgh city blocks were once filled with skilled craftsmen and artisans

...The Newburgh Glass Co. started production Jan, 7, 1867. the company included Isaac Wood Jr., president: Peter 
Ward, secretary and treasurer; Alanson Gillespie, superintendent; Thomas Shimar, manufacturing superintendent; E. Carter, Gen. H. W. Slocum, L. C. Coe, W.C. Wheeler, J. Gordon, J. J. Whited and J. J. Wheeler.....

The Evening News (Newburgh, New York) January 9, 1987

Newburgh Glass Co. possible test
plant for glass-from-rock technique
Staff Writer
NEWBURGH -- Well before Pepsi and Coke had made their mark on the Newburgh area, bottle manufacturing was a familiar craft in Orange County, albeit a short-lived one. The Newburgh Glass Company, which operated from 1867 to 1872, may have provided the area with a brief industrial spark, but one which was quite brilliant as well: the company's glassworks is widely believed to be the first to have attempted to produced glass from rock rather than the conventional source material, sand.
...the glass-from-rock technique, reportedly developed by New Jersey glass manufacturer Thomas Shimar in 1865..the glass company's founders were interested in a long vein of rock ideally suited for the process which they found on the southern side of Storm King Mountain, then known as Butter Hill....Opening its doors on Jan, 7, 1867, the Newburgh Glass Company,,,, The Newburgh Daily Journal of Jan, 16, 1867 hailed the glass company's cutting-edge technological venture...The quality of the glass was very, very dark....

Hudson Valley Morning News (Newburgh, New York) August 29, 1991

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New Windsor Markers 

New York (Orange County), New Windsor Glass Works Site 
On River Road at Clinton Street, on the right when traveling north on River Road. 
Glass Works Site Newburgh Glass Co 1867 72 Patented Glass From Rock Quarried at Butter Hill Products Included Bottles Pocket Flasks and Insulators Hudson Valley Bottle Club (db m37134)

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