Manufacturer Notes: Dixie Glass Company/Works

Directory Listings


    1892 Pancoast Charles H, glass blower Atl Glass Wks, bds Brunswick House
    1893 Pancoast Charles H, supt Glass Wrks, bds 45 Wheat


    1892 *Pancoast Charles, supt August Glass Wks, 6 Warren Block, 8th St, bds Palmetto House (* married)

1880 New Jersey Gloucester Clayton 90

24 25 Pancoast Charles H    W M    30              Farmer                   New Jersey
            ---- Jane                       W F     25 Wife     Keeping House     New Jersey
            ---- George W              W M      5 Son                                      New Jersey
            ---- Hannah I                W F        2 daughter                              New Jersey

1900 Georgia Harrison Tallapoosa District 61 Census

Atlanta Street
36 36 Thompson Earline C      Head      W F    Nov 1857    42 wd          Georgia            Keeps Hotel
            Pancoast Charles H.     Boarder W M   Oct 1852      46 Wd        New Jersey      Glass Blower
            Kenna Edward               Boarder W M   Mar 1864     36 M  19    Pennsylvania    Glass Blower
            Schlermitaever August  Boarder W M   Apr 1846      54 M          France              Glass Blower
            Haraldson, Walter         Boarder W M    Mar 1879      21 S          Indiana              Glass Blower

1910 South Carolina Richland Columbia Ward 5

604 Blossom Street
188 188 Brewer, Harry M         Head    M W 32 M 8        Pennsylvania               Mngr at Glass Factory
               Pancoast Charles H. Rooms M W                      New Jersey                 Glass Blower

--The twenty odd members of the Dixie Glass Company, who will operate the Tallapoosa, Ga., bottle plant on the 
co-operative plan next fire, are gathering there preparatory to putting everything in shape for a start September 1st.

Rochester Democrat And Chronicle (Rochester, New York) August 21, 1898

          FIRST DAY

11 a. m.-Arrival of the presidential party....................

  Dixie Glass Blowers

The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) December 11, 1898

WANTED-A blacksmith for a glass factory; one having knowledge of running an engine preferred; state wages 
expected. Dixie Glass Co., Tallapoosa, Ga. 5-29 2t sun

The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) June 4, 1899

  Mr. C. H. Pancoast, president of the Dixie Glass Company, of Tallapoosa, was in the city yesterday superintending the putting in place of the exhibit of his company at the state fair. He says his company will have one of the finest exhibits at the exposition.

The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) October 16, 1899


  About ten months ago the constitution told the story of the unique enterprise started here by Mr. H. C. Stockwell for the manufacture of three popular specialties which are now famous all over the continent.
   The friends of Mr. Stockdell urged him organize and become the head of a company completely equipped for the 
manufacture on a large scale of the genuine Georgia Brunswick stew, the Stockdell Welsh rarebit and Stockdell 
oyster cocktail.

   The whole business.........The glass jars for the oyster cocktail are made by the Dixie glass works at Tallapoosa. The materials used for the different manufactured articles are all purchased in Atlanta. It is a home enterprise from beginning to end.

The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) October 17, 1899

...... Near by is to be found the display of the Dixie Glass Co., of Tallapoosa, a co-operative effort which employs eighty hands, distributes $1,200 a moth as wages and supports 400 people. This concern dealing in Georgia material is away behind in orders and the manager declares that if he had the capacity he could quadruple the business...

The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) October 22, 1899

    Dear Sirs: We have your telegram ordering one car of pints, also letter confirming same and ordering one car of 
pints, which shall receive our prompt attention. We are now loading a car, in which we will put on-half pints 
and one half half pints, so that you can get another car set in we will send another loaded one half each.
We herewith enclose you credit voucher for 65 cases, 27 1-12 gross error in shipment August 31st, and thanking 
you for favors shown, we remain, Yours very truly,
(Signed) Dixie Glass Co,

The Watchman And Southron (Sumter, South Carolina) October 25, 1899


   The Dixie Works at Tallapoosa, Ga., to Be
          Operated After Years of Idleness

   Chattanooga, Tenn., March 23 (Special)--A dispatch from Tallapoosa, Ga., says: The Dixie Glass Works, which have been for several years suspended, have revived operations. This is the sole plant of the kind in the Southern States. Among the expert workmen in the factory are artisans from foreign countries, from Switzerland, Bohemia and lands bordering the Mediterranean. The Dixie at Tallapoosa id the forerunner of other plants to be established in the South Atlantic States.

Boston Evening Transcript (Boston, Massachusetts) March 23, 1900

The Dixie Glass Works at Tallapoosa, Ga., to be operated again.

The Burlington Free Press (Burlington, Vermont) March 29, 1900

State Federation Closes Augusta


   Augusta, Ga., April 20.---(Special.)--The second annual convention of the Georgia State Federation of Labor came to an end here today. The business session came to a close at 4:30 o'clock and the delegates then enjoyed a smoker. Mr. C. H. Pancoast, of the Dixie Glass works, who has been one of the most popular members of the 
convention, donated the wine for the occasion, as a present from the Georgia Wine Company......

The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) April 21, 1900

To Increase Glass Works

   Tallapoosa, Ga., February 4--(Special) The annual meeting of the Dixie Glass works, of this city, just held was one of exceptional interest. It was attended by two heavy stockholders from the east, were greatly pleased with the favorable showing presented, and it was voted to proceed immediately to the construction of a continuous tank, which will at least triple the present capacity of the plant.

The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) February 5, 1902

Severe Storm There Breaks Drought
     of Several Months.

   Tallapoosa, Ga., July 2--(Special.--The drought of several months past was broken here today. There was a hard 
downpour of rain, also a severe wind and a most unusual electrical display.
   Edward Kerma, a glass blower, had a narrow escape from death by lightning. He was standing near the depot, 
where a bolt struck. The side of his body was badly burned and his hat and hair were scorched. He was temporarily paralyzed. Kerma was hurried some 50 feet into a ditch.
   A terrific hail storm did considerable damage to fruit and cotton crops. Grapes were stripped from the vines and peaches were beaten to the ground.
   The large smoke stack of the Dixie Glass works was demolished by the wind and other slight damage was done to property here.

The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) July 3, 1902


Industry Near Tallapoosa Growing in
Importance Every Day.

   Tallapoosa, Ga., December 22.--(Special.)--The Dixie Glass Works. of this city, has proved a signal success. During the past two years they have had much more than they could possibly do. One single order for sixteen car loads of bottles was satisfactorily filled.
   The enlargement of the plant became necessary, and at a meeting of the directors and stockholders last September it was voted to put in a continuous tank, the building of which should begin at the earliest moment and 
rush through with all possible speed.
   Twelve thousand dollars were promptly paid in and the tank completed about ten days ago, since which time it has been fired up and heroically experimented with. Having endured the test satisfactorily, it was opened full blast today, and will henceforth be run day and night continuously.
   Some forty-odd additional glass blowers have arrived from Ohio, Indiana and New Jersey. The last installment of a dozen arrived Sunday night.

The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) December 23, 1902

Mrs. T. W. Robinson, of Minneapolis, Minn., is the guest of her brother President Fowler, of the Dixie glass works.

The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) March 8, 1903


  Manufacturers of All Descriptions of
      Bottles, Both Flint and Amber.

   The invention of glass dates from the earliest antiquity and honor of the discovery has been contested by several nations. As the oldest known specimens are Egyptian, it is safe to attribute its invention to that people. In the tenth and eleventh centuries coins made of glass were in use in Egypt, but from those early days to the present great have been the advances and innumerable are the purposes to which this useful product is now being put. And one of the most enterprising establishments in this country engaged in this branch of industry is the Dixie Glass Works, here at Tallapoosa, Ga., manufacturer of bottles. It became the Dixie Glass Works in 1897, the company taking over the old plant of the Piedmont Glass Company, but with the improvements made to it since one would scarcely recognize it, for they have laid out over $15,000 in improvements and have still more in contemplation. It has been enlarged so that its present capacity is 12 tons per day of twenty-four hours, besides a day tank of 5 tons. They employ forty-two blowers, and upward of ninety men and boys additional, and make all descriptions of bottles, which find a ready market both throughout this state and Alabama, the bottles ranging in size from one-half ounce to one-half gallon, while the output will reach one car load for every day. The leading specialties are soda and beer bottles and a full line of druggists' prescription ware. 
   Mr. E. P. C. Fowler is the president and treasurer of the company, and he is also at the head of the ice and bottling works, another important and flourishing enterprise in town, which he started here about twelve years ago. His ice  plant has a capacity of seven tons of ice every twenty-four hours and this is made from pure distilled water,  and sold to all the surrounding territory within the radius of forty miles of Tallapoosa. This is also true of the bottling establishment, which include soda water, ginger ale, and all the proprietary drinks sold, the plant being well supplied with both spring and well water.
   Mr. A. V. Howe, a notice of whose insurance agency appears elsewhere, is also the secretary of the Dixie Glass 
Works, and J. F. Hinckley Sr., superintendent; and if such men as these are not enough to make an enterprise go, 
well then there is no use talking.

The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) May 3, 1903


Tallapoosa Witnessing Lively Race for Official Position.

    Tallapoosa. Ga., March 3,.--(Special.)-- A spirited contest is being waged for the mayoralty of this city.
The candidates are Hon. George W. Sheppard, vice president of the bank and president of the Dixie glass works, 
and R. M. Strickland, of the dry goods firm of Watson & Strickland.

The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) March 4, 1905

   Wanted--Families with boys to locate in good town. Cheap rent. Light work. Short hours. Can also use man 
with boys. Splendid opportunity for widows with family of boys. 
Address Dixie Glass Works, Tallapoosa, Ga.

The Atlanta Journal (Atlanta, Georgia) December 3, 1905

Dixie Glass Works.

   Tallapoosa, Ga., September 10.--(Special.)--The Dixie Glass Works, which has been undergoing important  improvements and repairs for the past three months, began today the manufacture of bottles on a more extensive 
scale. The capacity of the works has been almost doubled and the number of the employees likewise increased. 
   The past year was a successful one for the works, but it is anticipated that the present year will show far greater results.

The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) September 11, 1906

Information relative to glass sands is occasionally obtained in connection with geological surveying, and some 
data thus procured are presented here to show the wide range in the geologic age and geographic distribution of 
suitable material.

Alabama.—Near Gate City, on the east side of Red Mountain, the formation heretofore mapped as the "Oxmoor" by the Alabama Geological Survey, composed of sandstone and beds of shale, has an outcrop width of 1,000 feet on both sides of Red Gap. The formation is nearly 200 feet thick and includes one sandstone bed about 75 feet  thick. The beds dip southeastward at an angle of about 10°. The "Oxmoor" sandstone is of Mississippian age. It 
is composed of relatively pure quartz sand having very fine, subangular grains, which appear nearly white in mass. The rock is very soft, breaking down and crushing easily. Quarries which are worked intermittently for mill sand have been opened on both sides of Red Gap. About twenty years ago a small bottle plant operated 'at Gate City demonstrated that this sand was suitable at least for common bottles and fruit jars. It has been used also by the Dixie Glass Works at Tallapoosa, Ga.

Emmons, S. F. and Eckel, E. C.; Contributions To Economic Geology 1906 - Part 1 Metals and Nonmetals, Except Fuels (Washington, Government Printing Office, 1907)

   UPON PETITION OF L. F. HINSON, Lumber City, of Lamar-Rankin Drug Company, of Beck-Gregg Hardware Company and of the National Paper Company of Atlanta lodged in the United States court yesterday, the Dixie Glass Works of Tallapoosa was placed in involuntary bankruptcy. The papers are made returnable before Judge Newman on February 18.

The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) February 8, 1907

   CREDITORS WITH CLAIMS AGGREgating $1,182.81, so the papers indicated, yesterday applied to the court of 
bankruptcy against the Dixie Glass Works of Tallapoosa, Ga.

The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) March 20, 1907

   Tallapoosa, Ga.-Glass Works--George M. Greely has purchased the Dixie Glass Works at $14,100 and will organize new company to operate plant.

Daily Bulletin of the Manufacturers' Record. (Baltimore, Maryland) July 23, 1907

   Tallapoosa, Ga. —Glass Works. — G. M. Greely, mentioned lately as buying the Dixie Glass Works, will organize 
Tallapoosa Glass Manufacturing Co. to operate the plant. Capital stock Is $25,000, but officers have not been 
elected. Plant Is being prepared for operation, glass bottles to be the output.

Daily Bulletin of the Manufacturers' Record. (Baltimore, Maryland) July 29, 1907

   Tallapoosa, Ga.—Glass Works. — Tallapoosa Glass Manufacturing Co. incorporated, with Justin C. Jackson, 
president and treasurer; J. F. Hickley, vice president, and George M. Greenly, secretary. Company has perfected 
plans and will begin operations in September. Mr. Greenly was mentioned in July as having purchased the Dixie 
Glass Works.

Daily Bulletin of the Manufacturers' Record. (Baltimore, Maryland) July 29, 1907

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